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Place and Location

A unique possibility for salutary rest in a Christovhouse in old Bulgarianstyle. The house is situated at the foot of the Stara Planina Mountains, directunder Peak Botev. It’s built on a South slope in the village Seliste near by townof Aprilci, the house offers a unique view towards the beautiful, surrounded bywoody forests, peaks of the Balkan – peak Zelenikovec and peak Ostrec.

The luxury and the comfort of the renewed old house in combination with theatmosphere of the National Park “Central Balkan” offers:

  • old style Dining room – kitchen box, a place for eating in a front of a beautifulfire place, WC;
  • 3 bedrooms on the second floor – comfortable performance in fully kept stylefrom the time of the Bulgarian Revival, two from them with separate smallbathrooms. Furnished in the same style room with old hearth and small table -legged stools is the connection between the rooms as with his uniqueatmosphere gives the opportunity to the guests for full relaxing. To this levelthere is a big open terrace from where is opening a magnificent view towardsthe Balkan;
  • the two levels are connected with external stairs and inside spiral ladder whichprovides an additional comfort;
  • garden – natural continuation of the forest glades with tufty fruit trees, whichare amazing the guests with their height and beauty, spots for rest and eating.

An unique opportunity to meet the way of life and to feel the life in the oldBalkan people – the house is situated in the village Seliste near by the famousin our history haidouk (rebel) village Kravenik and the attractive town Aprilci.